Marksmanship Primer - Experts' Guide to Rifle & Handgun Marksmanship

Marksmanship Primer - Experts' Guide to Rifle & Handgun Marksmanship

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The Marksmanship Primer - The Experts' Guide to Rifle & Handgun Marksmanship 
Finest advice from old masters and modern writers 
By Jim Casada 

Over the years an incredible amount of material on rifle and pistol marksmanship has appeared in print. Many of the basic principles of accurate shooting remain constant; others have changed, thanks to study, experimentation and technological advances. This primer combines the finest advice from old masters and modern writers. Selecting the "best" information on marksmanship is a difficult and ultimately subjective task. However, certain parameters guided me in the selection process. Primarily, I sought material that was readable and writers who were authoritative. In many cases, anecdotal or dated information was edited out of the material presented, my underlying idea being provision of sound, sensible, and easily followed advice. - Jim Casada

  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 467
  • Handbook-sized for convenient carry and range use
  • Contains the best rifle and pistol marksmanship writings by:
    • Charles Askins, Sr
    • Charles Askins, Jr
    • Jeff Cooper
    • Edward C. Crossman
    • Julian S. Hatcher
    • A.L.A. Himmelwright
    • C.S. Landis
    • Jack O’Connor
    • William Reichenback
    • John “Pondoro” Taylor
    • Bryce Towsley
    • Townsend Whelen
    • Wayne Van Zwoll

    "Whether you’re plinking for varmints…Zeroing in on the practice range…Or stalking a whitetail in the field…The Marksmanship Primer is a unique publication…like nothing that’s ever been done before.  Under the meticulous supervision of shooting and hunting expert Jim Casada, we’ve put together the 20th century’s very best writings on hunting and shooting marksmanship" - Publishers comments

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