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Holland & Holland are pleased to offer 'Paradox' shells for their genuine H&H Paradox ball and shotguns. For over 125 years, sportsmen worldwide have been using ‘Paradox’ cartridges to take big game. The reintroduced Holland & Holland ‘Paradox’ ammunition is a melding of the classic design with modern materials and methods.

Load: 740 Grain Solid Fosbery bullet
Hulls: Modern 2-1/2" Plastic shells
Wads: Fiber
Packaging: Sold in boxes of 10 cartridges
Suitability: Suitable for use in 12 gauge H&H Paradox guns marked with and within Nitro Proofs

Fosbery Pattern Holland & Holland Paradox BulletAccurate and dependable, these cartridges deliver a smashing blow downrange. Capable of cleanly taking nearly any thin skinned big game animal one will ever encounter whether in Africa, Asia, Europe, or North America.  

Nitro Paradox Gun"The Paradox, invented by Colonel Fosbery and manufactured by Messrs. Holland and Holland of Bond Street, is a most useful weapon, as it combines the shot-gun with a rifle that is wonderfully accurate within a range of 100 yards. ... The No. 12 Paradox weighs 8.4 lbs. and carries a bullet of 1 3/4 ounce with 4 1/2 drams of powder. Although the powder charge is not sufficient to produce a high express velocity, the penetration and shock are most formidable, as the bullet is of hardened metal, and it retains its figure even after striking a tough hide and bones."-- Sir Samuel W. Baker F.R.S., F.R.G.S., etc., etc.

Ballistics chart showing Holland & Holland Paradox cartridges trajectory in flight data

Click to download Holland & Holland's Trajectory and Sighting Ranges for 12 bore Paradox Guns.  It has data for sights and is more complete than the above, simplified, table.


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