12 Gauge Competition Loads Holland & Holland 2-3/4" Royal Game

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Premium competition cartridges built for breaking clays. Black 2-3/4 inch hulls are loaded with extra hard, 5% antimony shot that has been selected for its homogeneous composition and uniform roundness. A special clean burning powder, special competition class wads, and premium shot, are combined under strict quality control to make these serious competition shotshells.  And, like all Royal Game cartridges, these are also excellent for bird shooting and small game hunting.
Hulls: 2 ¾ inch Black Plastic Shells
Wads: Plastic cup
Load: 1 ounce of extra hard, 5% antimony, number 7-1/2 shot
Performance:  Approximately 1300 fps velocity with moderate recoil

Packaging: Case of 250 shells (10 boxes of 25 ctgs) or box of 25 shells
These loads are Holland & Holland's best loads for competition and serious clay shooting in modern guns. Not for use in black powder guns or firearms with twist or Damascus barrels

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