Holland & Holland Cartridge Display Board

Holland & Holland Cartridge Display Board

Classic Shooting Company

$ 229.00

Holland & Holland logoThis is a stunning display of the Holland & Holland shotgun cartridges.  The colorful cartridges are mounted against classic British green gun case felt beneath a genuine Holland & Holland leather case label procured directly from Holland & Holland of London.  It includes 12 gauge, 12 gauge Paper, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, and 28 gauge 'Royal' Game cartridges.  Also mounted are the 12 gauge Light Load and the 12 gauge Nitro Paradox cartridge.

This gorgeous display board rests within a stained wooden frame and is covered by shatter resistant glass.

Overall dimensions are 16" high x 14.5" wide.

One look at this display will bring back the smell of Nevarust!

Note: All cartridges are inert and are fitted with fired primers.

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