English Pistols and Revolvers in Premium Pigskin Leather

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English Pistols and Revolvers - An Historical Outline of the Development and Design of English Hand Firearms from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day 
Book by J.N. George

Binding of genuine pigskin
- End leaves are 300-denier silk moiré
- Gold decorated front and rear covers
- Page edges gilded
- Spine brass die stamped in 22-karat gold
- Satin ribbon book marker
256 pages
Illustrated throughout with black and white photos and drawings.
Special edition reprinting of the original 1938 copyright book

Notes from the publisher - "England has long been famous for the quality of the arms produced by its gunmakers.  Hallowed names such as Holland & Holland, Purdey, and W. & C. Scott spring immediately to mind.  Along with their expertise in crafting long guns, the English also have a rich tradition, stretching back over four centuries, of handgun manufacture.  John Nigel George's English Pistols and Revolvers was the first major work to focus on this segment of gunsmithing's British roots, and today, a full six decades after its original appearance, it remains the seminal treatment of the subject. English Pistols and Revolvers is one of those enduring books, exceptionally well researched and presented, that is in essence timeless.  As such, it is a work that every student of firearms history should own, use, and cherish."

The author takes us from the earliest development of British hand firearms from the Wheel-lock and Dog-lock all the way up to development of the various Webley revolvers, including the Webley-Fosbery .455 Automatic Revolver and the Webley-Scott .455 Automatic Pistol. This tome is a "must have" for any serious student or collector of antique and/or British arms.

A book of the highest-quality made by combining the use of luxurious imported fabrics, time-defying acid-free paper, sewn signatures, gilded page edges, and distinctive “hubbed” European spines. The covers and spine are handsomely embossed in 22- karat gold.

Table of Contents:

  1. English Pistols and the Civil Wars
  2. The Commonwealth, Restoration and Revolution
  3. First Half of the Eighteenth Century
  4. Last Half of the Eighteenth Century
  5. The Last of the Flint-Locks
  6. Forsyth and the Detonating System
  7. Percussion Pistols
  8. Early Revolving Pistols
  9. Early Percussion Revolvers
  10. Colt and His Imitators
  11. English Percussion Revolvers
  12. The Breach Loading Systems
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