12 Gauge 'Royal' Game for Classic Bird Shooting Holland & Holland

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Holland & Holland logo2-1/2 inch Royal Game shotshells are Holland & Holland's leading 12 gauge shotgun ammunition for good reason. These loads should be your first ammo choice for all forms of bird and small game hunting.

Once you shoot the 1-ounce, 7½ Royal Game there will be no comparison to its heavier sibling. Obviously, the 1-ounce shell is a satisfactory compromise between the 1⅛-ounce Royal Game and the 15/16 Light Load. Still, unto itself, the 1-ounce Royal Game was extremely smooth, consistent and comfortable. The 1-ounce 7½ shell became my favorite. I didn’t observe any significant degradation in performance against the 1⅛-ounce load, while at the same time the 1-ounce Royal Game proved a dreamy shell to shoot. It smashed targets with authority.
-- review by Shotgun Life

Hulls: 2.5 inch Red Plastic Shells
Wads: Fibre
Load: Available in various 1 oz, 1-1/16 oz and 1-1/8 oz loads
Recoil: Moderate velocity with moderate recoil
Packaging: Case of 250 shells (10 bx of 25 ) or Box of 25 shells

Shotgun ammunition of World Class and there is none better. Holland & Holland's Royal Game shotgun ammunition is designed to ensure optimum patterns and striking energy at longer range. Royal'Game shotgun shells are loaded with specially selected extra hard lead shot. Fiber wads prevent plastic build-up and create a brisk moving load at lower pressures to ensure suitability for use in both modern and vintage game guns.

Not for use in black powder guns or firearms with twist or Damascus barrels

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