20 Gauge Shotshells Holland & Holland Royal Game

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Load: 1 oz 
Hulls: 2-3/4" Yellow Plastic shells 
Wads: Fiber 
Performance: High velocity, moderate recoil 
Packaging: Sold in case of 250 (10 boxes of 25 ctgs) and box of 25 

Premium cartridges built for upland game and breaking clays. Holland & Holland's 2-3/4" 20 gauge shells are loaded with 1 ounce of hard shot and utilize high grade fiber wads to produce a brisk moving load with a uniformly dense pattern.  If you are using a modern 20 bore gun and are looking for a consistent performing 1-ounce shell, look no further.  Our 20 gauge ammunition is loaded in yellow hulls to conform to the traditional color code.

These loads are Holland & Holland's best loads for game and clay shooting. Not for use in guns with chambers shorter than 2-3/4". Not for use in black powder guns or firearms with twist or Damascus barrels.

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