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What is a Paradox Gun?
(Excerpt from a Holland & Holland Press Release)

Put simply, a Paradox is a combination gun that can fire both pellets like a shotgun and Paradox bullets like a rifle.

125th Anniversary of the Paradox - Holland & Holland Round Back-action Sidelock ParadoxThe History. The intended quarry usually dictated the need of shotguns for feather, and rifles for fur. A 'shot-gun' discharges hundreds of pellets from a plain tube and though very effective, the lethal range remains limited by the tiny pellets. The accuracy of a bullet propelled through a rifled barrel is needed to bag larger four-legged quarry. So shotguns and rifles remained distinctly different. A true "shot & ball" gun capable of meeting all needs became the gunmakers' Holy Grail -- until 1885 when a Col. G.V. Fosbery solved the problem.

How does a Paradox work? Fosbery's solution was to rifle the choke, enabling either pellets or bullet to be fired though the same barrel with astonishing effect. Henry Holland snapped up the rights and most aptly named it the "Paradox". Capable of producing even shot patterns and repeatedly grouping heavyweight bullets well within a hand-span at 100 yards assured it was an immediate success, resulting in some 1500 guns being built over a 40-year period. Africa & India proved to be the ideal stage to demonstrate the Paradox's full potential and our records [Holland & Holland] abound with tales of exiting sport in faraway lands.

Why have H&H decided to reintroduce the "Paradox" after nearly 70-years? The Empire is no more but throughout Europe and the USA changes in land usage have resulted in wild boar and deer increasing to habitat and health-damaging levels leaving shooting as the only effective and humane means of control.

It is also ideal for use in areas where high-velocity rifles may be prohibited but where a potent short-range bullet is ideal. Weighing much the same the "Paradox" model is endowed with all the handling characteristics of a classic shotgun, making it ideal for quick snap shots in shrub or forest.

Result. If you anticipate that your day's hunting might include both feather and fur, you can carry two types of ammunition for two very different quarries, but need only carry one clever "Paradox" gun. Hunters who travel the world for their sport will appreciate the potential benefits of such a true dual-function gun.


Bullet weight: 12-bore = 740 grains / 48 gram
Bullet diameter: .735" (Fosbery Pattern)
Muzzle velocity: *1050 ft./sec. / 320 m/sec.
Muzzle energy: *1840 ft./lbs. / 2500 joules
Service pressure: 3 ¼ tons " / 850 bar
Cartridge case: 12-bore 2 ½" / 65mm
1 leaf zeroed to p.o.a. @ 50 yards / (45-50m)
+ 2nd leaf to p.o.a. @ 100 yards / (90 - 100m)

*Note: At 100 yards the very heavy bullet retains over 90% of the velocity and 85% of the energy making the bullet truly deadly on even the largest soft-skinned game.


Paradox BookFor a complete and in depth study of Paradox guns we recommend the book PARADOX - The Story of Col. G. V. Fosbery, Holland & Holland, and the Paradox

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