Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual - Long Awaited, Finally Arrives

Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual - Woodleighs Reloading Book

Woodleigh Bullets Reloading Manual
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Woodleigh has just published their first edition of the Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual.  Reloaders are familiar with the various reloading manuals published by bullet manufacturers.  For example, Sierra's Reloading Manual has been published in one form or another since 1971.  Speer is publishing their 14th Reloading Manual and Hornady is offering the 9th edition of their Reloading Handbook.  But long missing has been a published manual for shooters of Woodleigh Bullets.  The wait is over.  

After years of development and a slow start, Woodleigh Bullets made their first major appearance at the 1985 SHOT Show.  Since then, their bullets have become standard fare in big game ammunition offered by Kynoch, Norma, Wolfgang Romey, and recently Federal Premium.  Knowledgeable reloaders have been loading Woodleigh bullets for some time but a lack of good loading information has made it difficult for them.  Till now.

The Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual  lists loading information for the various USA calibers, the popular European calibers, and has a special section for British and double rifle calibers.  It also includes information for loading Woodleigh Bullet's breakthrough design, the Hydrostatically Stabilised (Hydro) bullet.  The Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual  is an informative reference that no serious reloader should be without.

The arrival of the Woodleigh Manual is also announced in NSSF Bullet Points at  and  Outdoors Unlimited Magazine.

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