Great Quotes From Famous Sportsmen

As the title says, these are notable quotes made by famous sportsmen and women. The list includes very well known people as well as lesser known people.  But they all were hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts.  They spent a significant portion of their lives doing what you and I can only do when we have time to spare.  Often they had little contact with civilization in the modern sense and some even had little contact with their fellow man.  Nevertheless, they showed keen insight and a wisdom that can only be cultivated by tempering city life experiences with a good dose of wilderness experiences.

If you have a favorite person or quote you think we should include, please forward it to us using the Comment section below. We hope you enjoy these.

  • WDM Bell quote - To the African a wife is everything.
  • Jim Corbett quote - A young girl climbed into a tree a Princess and the next day climbed down a Queen.
  • Ernest Hemingway quote - I did not mind killing anything...I had no guilty feeling at all.
  • Ernest Thompson Seton quote - There are no rabbits in the north-west.
  • Frederick Courtney Selous quote - My plans are liable to modification owing to fever, tsetse flies, and various minor circumstances.
  • Isak Denisen quote - You will remember a curve of your wagon track in the grass of the plain.
  • Jamies Patterson quote - A few sandbags at sixpence each might save the lives of several soldiers
  • 'Pondoro' Taylor quote - America is the home of rifle shooting
  • Pretorius quote - I read some laconic paragraph indicating the Navy had sunk some enemy ship
  • Robert Ruark quote - It does not take much to amuse a monkey.
  • Sir Payne-Gallwey quote - Wildfowl Shooting is, in my opinion, the most absorbing.
  • Samuel White Baker quote - I will exhibit a picture of savage man precisely as he is.
  • Theodore Roosevelt quote - I wish to heavens that this country would wake up.

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