On Fitted Gun Stocks

Each manufacturer has an opinion of what the average shooter's requirements are and their stock dimensions vary accordingly. Stocks can vary more widely if one purchases second hand guns previously fitted to someone else's measurements. For years I shot such guns configured just as they were when I acquired them. Like many shooters, I adapted myself to fit each firearm as required. It is not surprising that the guns I felt most comfortable with and shot the best were also the ones I shot most frequently.

Then one day, after many years of shooting, I decided to get measured for a shotgun I had just purchased. Once completed, I sent the measurements and the gun to an established stocker and he bent the stock to fit me. The alteration was not expensive but the difference it made was remarkable. When I took the gun to the range I immediately noticed that it mounted in one smooth motion, pointed naturally, and that recoil was dissipated evenly and without discomfort. My scores were noticeably better too. The reason the alteration made such a difference is simple. I didn't have to adapt myself to fit the gun, instead the gun had been adapted to fit me. Since then, I have had a couple more guns altered and I have had one rifle made to my measurements. Yes, it made a big difference with the rifle.

I still have several guns with unaltered stocks that I enjoy shooting and I continue to adapt myself to fit them as required. But I highly recommend any gun that will be used for the greater part of your shooting be stocked or altered to fit. A fitted stock is not a requirement for good shooting but you will certainly do your best shooting with a proper fitting gun.

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