7-1/2 as a Shot Size Choice for Pheasant Shooting

Shotguns and Shotshells

#7-1/2 shot is usually fine for shooting walked up pheasants.  I expect that comment to meet some resistance. I have talked to many US pheasant shooters who insist that you need something on the order of a #4 or #5 in a 3" shell to bring down birds. But I've spoken with just as many, and probably more, shooters who know better. #7.5 is not too small, even for wild birds. It has killed countless birds efficiently for over a century. Driven pheasants and grouse are a different matter because they can be very far away and/or very high. But even...

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On Fitted Gun Stocks

Each manufacturer has an opinion of what the average shooter's requirements are and their stock dimensions vary accordingly. Stocks can vary more widely if one purchases second hand guns previously fitted to someone else's measurements. For years I shot such guns configured just as they were when I acquired them. Like many shooters, I adapted myself to fit each firearm as required. It is not surprising that the guns I felt most comfortable with and shot the best were also the ones I shot most frequently. Then one day, after many years of shooting, I decided to get measured for...

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The Definition of Vegemite

Vegemite is an organic colloidal gel the main component of which is a eukaryotic micro-organism from the kingdom Fungi.   Within certain regions of the South Pacific, Vegemite consumption is considered a ritualistic practice.  Traditional Vegemite ceremonies are conducted beside a "billabong" and within the shadow of a peculiar Eucalyptus tree that ancient religious texts refer to as a "coolabah".  Requisite in the Vegemite ceremony is the boiling of a "billi" containing "bush tucker" while participants dance about in waltz-like fashion and gesticulate wildly to entreat their deity, "Matilda", to appear and participate. Modern science has shown that regular consumption...

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